New additions to the Aviation English reference list


  • Park, M. (2013). An interpretive argument for an Aviation English assessment in an army aviation context. Paper presented at the SWALLT (South West Association for Language Learning Technology) 2013 Conference, Provo, UT. March 8-9, 2013.
  • Park, M., & Huffman, S. (2013). The potential of ASR for non-native English speakers in air traffic control. Paper presented at the 5th Annual Conference of PSLLT (Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching), Ames, IA. September 20-21, 2013.
  • Park, M., & Huffman, S. (2013). An instructional design project for online aviation English training. Paper presented at the SLA (Second Language Acquisition) Graduate Symposium 2013, Iowa City, IA. April 19-20, 2013.

Plus, according to the Iowa State University website, Park “s currently researching task-based aviation English training and testing integrated with automatic speech recognition technology”, so expect more to follow.



About Natália Guerreiro

English language teacher from Brazil, working with the teaching and testing of air traffic controllers since December 2009.
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