From Iran to our Aviation English reference list

Teimourtash, M. & Teimourtash, M. (2014). English for Safety Purposes (ESP): Static pitfalls & dynamic opportunities In
Iranian aviation context. International Journal of Languages and Literatures, (2), 271-289.


About Natália Guerreiro

English language teacher from Brazil, working with the teaching and testing of air traffic controllers since December 2009.
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One Response to From Iran to our Aviation English reference list


    well conceived concept. The praxis of safety concepts in aviation English would not only enable proficiency enhancement among the key partners in aeronautical communications but also enable aviation professionals in all domains to augment their professions through English. For example by utilizing the strategy of aviation english one coulrd design and deliver an English Proficiency Course in such a way as a novice cabin attendant would learn the profession of cabin attendance without even undergoing a cabin attendant course. I love to elaborate this concept in an article which I aspire to write. Your ESP conception is commendable.
    Saurabh Ranjan Baral
    Aviation English Trainer and Assessor
    Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal

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