2 updates to our Aviation English reference list

Zolfagharian, A., & Khalilpour, J. (2015). Evaluation and content analysis of “English for Aviation for pilots and air traffic controllers” textbook as an ESP bookInternational Journal of Language Learning and Applied Linguistics World, 8 (2), 36-50.

Jalal, T., Ariff, R., Said, A-M., & Ishak, M. (2014). Blended learning approach to licensed aircraft engineer trainees: Determinants and satisfaction. International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management, 22 (3), 26-31.


About Natália Guerreiro

English language teacher from Brazil, working with teaching and testing air traffic controllers
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One Response to 2 updates to our Aviation English reference list

  1. Terence Gerighty says:

    A brief word of thanks. I’m one of the co-authors of the book in question – Terence Gerighty – and genuinely appreciate this evaluation according to well researched principles. Perhaps we should ask as a conclusion – does the book work? Does it help pilots and controllers to prepare well for operational Level 4?

    Thanks again.
    Terence Gerighty

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