Petrashchuk (2016) & McAndrew et al (2016)

Petrashchuk, O. (2016). English language use in aviation. In M. Górnicz &M. Kornacka (Eds.), Studi@ Naukowe 34: Spójność tekstu specjalistycznego (2) (pp. 90-98). Warsow: University of Warsow.

McAndrew, I. R.,  Glassman, A., Bourdeau, D., Clint, R., & Navarro, E. (2016). Unmanned aerial systems operational challenges when used between regions where English is not widely spoken or understood: Human factors communication. Proceedings from 2016 International Conference on Robotics and Automation Engineering (ICRAE), Jeju, South Korea, 2016, pp. 53-57. doi: 10.1109/ICRAE.2016.7738788


About Natália Guerreiro

English language teacher from Brazil, working with teaching and testing air traffic controllers
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