This website is an ever growing reference list of articles, dissertations, books, or any other reading or audiovisual material on the subject of Aviation English. For the purpose of this list, Aviation English includes the language used by any aviation professional (e.g.: air traffic controllers, pilots, cabin crew, AIS officers, aircraft mechanics, aeronautical engineers, etc.), be it in civil or military aviation. Hopefully, the list will be useful to Aviation English teachers, examiners, and researchers.

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If there’s a reference you wish to see here or if you see an error/typo/embarrassing blunder, please drop me a line in the comments box.


About the list curator:
Natália Guerreiro works for the Brazilian Air Force with personnel licensing in the English language. She holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics (Language Testing & Language Programme Evaluation) from the University of Melbourne, a B.A. in English & Portuguese from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and a CELTA. She is currently working towards an MRes in Applied Linguistics at Unicamp (*fingers crossed*), studying the use of communicative strategies in Brazilian ATC communication. She is also a proud contributor to RichmondShare.com.br .


10 Responses to About

  1. porspellor says:

    Thanks for maintaining the site for so long Natália 🙂 Can I suggest that you remove the links to RELTA, as it was discontinued January last year?

  2. Mike Zhang says:

    This is a great site for aviation English professionals.

  3. Paul A. Falzon says:

    Hello Natalia,
    Congratulations on such a great resource. Kindly note that my name should appear as
    Falzon, P. A. (2009) Discourse segmentation … to avoid confusion with Falzon, P. (1984), as there’s two of us (with similar call signs!).
    Best regards,
    Paul A. Falzon

  4. Saurabh Ranjan Baral says:

    Dear Natália
    Here is a new article for your reference list. Hope you will consider adding it to the list.
    Baral, S. R. (2016). Metaphor in specialized terminology: The aviation English evidence. A Bi-annual South Asian Journal of Research & Innovation, 2(6),

  5. Paul Darwin says:

    Hi there,
    I am an experienced and qualified Australian ATPL pilot and also an experienced English Language Educator / Trainer and Assessor. In March I will launch a new Aviation English Skills Web training business, registered in Australia under the name of Aviation English Skills On-line (AESO). I will be offering Airline Pilots Aviation English SKILLS DEVELOPMENT on-line via webcam. In my on-line sessions I will develop their English skills by focusing on a wide range of Aviation topics, and technical content – In other words, they will have an opportunity to further develop their English skills by immersing in ‘aviation talk’ with an experienced holder of an ATPL. (I have logged nearly 9000 flying hours over more than 20 years of flying, I have also graduated with a BSc AVIATION degree and worked for a while as a Flight Instructor). I truly believe that the training I can offer will be very beneficial to some experienced Pilots out there.

    I am targeting a small niche of pilots who have already achieved ICAO Operational Level 4 and above and wish to improve, practice and develop their English skills. Consequently, It’s not my intention to focus on training or certification of Operational Levels – but merely to focus on Aviation (S,L,R & W) English Skills Development (After they have been certified by other rated organisations, such as those that appear on your Reference List) Among other foreign pilots, I would particularly like to bring my on-line business to the attention of any Japanese Airline Pilots who may be interested in such training as I have taught ESL in Japan in past years and connect well with Japanese people in general.

    If possible, I’d be very grateful if I could join your Reference list. I think its a wonderful listing of Aviation English Training organisations! I have set up a simply constructed website for the benefit of the small Aviation-English Skills Development market I am chasing. The website is still not SEO friendly yet, so consequently, after 10 days I have not scored one expression of interest or message on my blog yet. (Needs a lot of fine-tuning!) Being added to your reference list may help me to get at least some exposure. Please feel free to view http://www.aviationenglishskills.com and it will give you an idea of what I will be delivering. (BTW, I did join ICAEA some years ago and I strongly support all the wonderful work they have done to improve Aviation Safety through Aviation English training development).

    Best wishes,

  6. Henry Emery says:

    Here’s a link to a new article:
    Keep up the good work
    Henry Emery

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