Strother, Fazal & Gurevich (2007)

Strother, J., Fazal, Z., Gurevich, M. (2007). Acculturated blended learning: Localizing a blended learning course for Russian trainees. Proceedings from the Sixth IASTED International Conference (p.455-460). Chamonix, France.

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Garcia (2016) and (2013)

Hat tip: Thanks, Malila Prado, for pointing me to these references.

Garcia, A.C. (2016). Air traffic communications in routine and emergency contexts: A case study of Flight 1549 ‘miracle on the Hudson’. Journal of Pragmatics, 106, 57-71. Retrieved from .

Garcia, A.C. (2013). Air traffic communication. In A.C. Garcia. An introduction to interaction: Understanding talk in formal and informal settings. London: Bloomsbury.

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7th World Congress: “Aviation in the XXI Century” – Kiev

On September 19-21, 2016, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine hosted the 7th World Congress with the theme “Aviation in the XXI Century”. As you can see in the image below, quite a few talks concerned the language use in Aviation.


Unfortunately, only one of the articles is available. Click here if you would like to read it:

Golovnia, A., Shurma, S. (2016, September). Translating suffixal English aviation terms in the classroom. In 7th World Congress “Aviation in the XXI Century” Proceedings. Paper presented at 7th World Congress: Aviation in the XXI Century, Kiev (pp. 9.23-9.25). Kiev: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


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Petrashchuk (2016) & McAndrew et al (2016)

Petrashchuk, O. (2016). English language use in aviation. In M. Górnicz &M. Kornacka (Eds.), Studi@ Naukowe 34: Spójność tekstu specjalistycznego (2) (pp. 90-98). Warsow: University of Warsow.

McAndrew, I. R.,  Glassman, A., Bourdeau, D., Clint, R., & Navarro, E. (2016). Unmanned aerial systems operational challenges when used between regions where English is not widely spoken or understood: Human factors communication. Proceedings from 2016 International Conference on Robotics and Automation Engineering (ICRAE), Jeju, South Korea, 2016, pp. 53-57. doi: 10.1109/ICRAE.2016.7738788

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Preposition Ellipsis in Radiotelephony Communication

Chen, W. (2016). A cognitive study of preposition ellipsis in Radiotelephony Communication.

Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 6, 390-400.

The research on the omission in the field of linguistics can be divided into the perspective of transformational generative grammar and functional grammar. The research on the omission from the perspective of transformational generative grammar is mainly embodied in the present study of the empty category, and the function of omission is regarded as an important means to make textual coherence. This paper attempts to apply the findings in cognitive linguistics to study ellipsis in radiotelephony communication in English, with the theory of cognitive linguistics to explain in detail the ellipsis of radiotelephony communication and ellipsis, to the maximum extent to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding appear radiotelephony communication among different users.
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Discourse analysis of air traffic phraseology

Čada, O. (2016). Discourse analysis of air traffic phraseology. (Bachelor thesis). Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.


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Vitryak, Slipak & Serhii (2017)

Vitryak, A., Slipak, B., & Serhii, K. (2017). Plain Aviation English: Qualitative and quantitative interpretation. Journal of Social Science Studies, 4 (1), 42-52.

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