Park (2018) about virtual assessment of Aviation English

Park, M. (2018). Innovative assessment of aviation English in a virtual world: Windows into cognitive and metacognitive strategiesReCALL, 1-18. doi:10.1017/S0958344017000362

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ICAEA 2018


Are you all set to go to the ICAEA ERAU Conference in Daytona Beach, FL, USA, this May? According to Elizabeth Mathews, one of the hosts and organizers, this event will bring together both aviation operations/human factors personnel and the language teaching community, bridging the two fields and providing opportunities for us to discuss how we can all cooperate to maintain and increase aviation safety.


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Borowska’s (2017) “Avialinguistics”

Borowska, A. (2017). Avialinguistics: The study of language for aviation purposes. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang,

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Nemliy (2016)

Nemlie, L. (2016). A new approach to Aviation English training.


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Katsarska (2017)

Katsarska, V. (2017). Harmonization of university aviation courses. The Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, 5 (3), 449-458.

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Zhao, Guo & Gao (2017) about cargo pilots

Zhao, K., Guo, X., & Gao, X. (2017). Learning English to fly: A study of Chinese cargo airline pilots’ learning engagement: Understanding Chinese pilots’ English learning and use informs efforts to improve their command of English and ensure aviation safety. English Today, 33 (4), pp. 5-11,

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Dr Borowska’s 2017 work

The Polish researcher Anna Borowska had a very productive 2017, with 5 publications, four of which have just been brought to my attention. If you have published in the field and would like to have entries here, just please send me the references, preferably in APA format, via e-mail or in the comments here.

Borowska, A. (2017). Aeronautical English: An analysis of selected communication strategies used by native English speakers. Proceedings of the National Aviation University, Kiev: Indeks Copernicus, 139–146.

Borowska, A. (2017). Decoding negation in aeronautical discourse. In Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny, no. 3/2017, Warsaw, 366–379.

Borowska, A. (2017). Dyferencjacja zadań badawczych awialingwistyki na tle bieżących potrzeb lotnictwa [Various research tasks of Avialinguistics against current aviation needs]. ingwistyka Stosowana – Applied Linguistics – Angewandte Linguistik. Przegląd/Review, No. 23, Tom 3/2017, Warszawa, 1–14.

Borowska, A. (2017). Is there any dominant culture in global aeronautical settings?  СТРАТЕГІЇ МІЖКУЛЬТУРНОЇ КОМУНІКАЦІЇ В МОВНІЙ ОСВІТІ СУЧАСНОГО ВНЗ, Збірник матеріалів ІІІї Міжнародної науковопрактичної конференціїМІНІСТЕРСТВО ОСВІТИ І НАУКИ УКРАЇНИ ДЕРЖАВНИЙ ВИЩИЙ НАВЧАЛЬНИЙ ЗАКЛАД «КИЇВСЬКИЙ НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ ЕКОНОМІЧНИЙ УНІВЕРСИТЕТ імені ВАДИМА ГЕТЬМАНА», Kiev, 137–144.

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